Campus Schools

UCLA Lab School

ucla-ls-logo-2UCLA Lab School is a center of learning and inquiry for teachers, researchers and PreK-6 students.

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Community Schools

UCLA Community School

ucla-cs-logo-2UCLA Community School is an innovative partnership between UCLA and LAUSD serving K12 students as a site of learning where UCLA is informing best practices in teacher development and student learning.

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Mann UCLA Community School

Mann UCLA Community School will be a cornerstone for high-quality public education in South Los Angeles-preparing all students to graduate from high school ready to succeed in college, careers, civic life.

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Tie-Ins Schools

Tie-Ins Schools

University High School

Emerson Middle School

Nora Sterry Elementary

Brockton Elementary

Beethoven Street Elementary School

Broadway Elementary School

Mark Twain Middle School

Walgrove Avenue Elementary School

TIE-INS (Together In Education in Neighborhood Schools) is a UCLA/LAUSD partnership that enables children of UCLA faculty and staff who live outside the attendance area to go to these eight public schools. In exchange, UCLA—with guidance from the schools’ leaders—provides assistance and enrichment in support of high achievement for all students in these schools.

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